Continuous Line and Wire Drawings

I had been looking for a way to loosen up and create more expressionistic and abstract art, but the fear of failure had kept me in my comfort zone.

I accidentally began to loosen up while sketching out some ideas for a sculpture. Knowing I would create it with wire, I began to let go of my control and draw loosely, as if I was sculpting with wire. 

Initially I created simple line drawings with the essential information of the figure which I referenced while allowing myself to draw freely.

After a few days of experimenting like this, to my surprise I was using a continuous unbroken line, and drawing fairly quickly.

This free flowing scrawl seemed to capture the energy and life that I was attempting to give my work. Reviewing it made me feel as though I had liberated myself. I had tapped a more natural and expressionistic way of drawing.

“A drawing is simply a line going for a walk.”

Paul Klee

There were many failed drawings with this approach. I noticed the larger the scale I worked on, the better the results. Failure came from either overworking with too many lines, or not enough from being too cautious. It became a process of harmonising my creative outpouring with a Zen like focus, feeling for the sweet spot where to stop.

I am currently using the same approach to create wire drawings with.


  1. These are wonderful! Fear of failure is often something that stops us all! I have always enjoy so much painting but as I’m not particularly good never did it. Recently joined lessons and stopped worrying about failing but focused on enjoying it and doing it for myself! Well done for opening up and keep going! Your work is honestly beautiful!

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    1. Thank you for your kind comments. They are warmly appreciated. Agreed about the failure… There is a brilliant book by Susan Jeffers, Feel the Fear and do it Anyway, which I read many years ago. There is much truth in that. I find that if we measure our work against that of others, we veer off our own pathway. Your art journey is unique to you. Follow it with all your passion. I’m very pleased you have started painting again. May it bring you, and those who view it, pleasure.


    1. Thank you. I’m glad you will draw again. There is no such thing as failure! Think of results as feedback, and never measure your work against that of others. Your art will be unique to you. Draw in the style you want to draw – not what you feel the norm is.

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    1. Ignore the rules, there are none! Create from your heart. Create art that you feel a burning desire to create. Practice what you want to be good at, and never stop practicing. Don’t aim for perfection, just get your work done to the best of your ability and release it to the world!

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